Vol. 13 (2023) 

Issue 1

1.Tomislav Burić, Mato Manović, Heuristic Approach to Numerical Approximations of Functions, p.1-11


Vol. 12 (2022) 

Issue 2

1.Tuğba Yurdakadim, Emre Taş, Effects of Fuzzy Setting in Korovkin Theory Via Pp-Statistical Convergence, p.1-8

2.P.N. Natarajan, The Steinhaus Theorem for λ-Regular Matrices in Ultrametric Fields, p.9-14

3.Xhevat Z. Krasniqi, Pell and Pell-Lucas, and Modified Pell Numbers With an Exponential Grower Factor, p.15-23

4.Sever Angel Popescu, Hermite Principle, Lindemann’s Idea and Simple Proofs for The Basic Results in The Irrationality and Transcendence of Some Numbers, p.28-51

5.Mohammed Mohammed, Geometric Inequalities for Bi-Slant Submanifolds in Kenmotsu Space Forms, p.52-63

6.G. Siva and L. Rasikannan, Fixed Point Theorems in Tricomplex Valued Bipolar Metric Spaces, p.64-74


Vol. 12 (2022) 

Issue 1

1.Waggas Galib Atshan, Rajaa Ali Hiress, Hatun Özlem Güney, Coefficient Estimates for Some Subclasses of m-Fold Symmetric Bi-Univalent Functions, p.1-9

2.Daniel Abraham Romano, Ordered Γ-Semirings with Apartness Under Co-Order, p.10-17

3.Huriye Kadakal, Inequalities for (α,m1,m2)-Arithmetic Geometrically Convex Functions via by Gamma and Incomplete Gamma Functions, p.18-29

4. S. Modak and T. Noiri, Topological Properties of Generalized Closure Spaces, p.30-36

5. Rabia Savas, Double Lacunary Statistical Boundedness of Order α, p.37-49

6. Mircea Crasmareanu, A Note on The Hyperbolic Curvature of Euclidean Plane Curves, p.50-53


Vol. 11 (2021) 

Issue 2

1.Tufan Turaci, Computing the Closeness Centralities of a Type of the Probabilistic Neural Networks, p.1-12

2.Halil Ibrahim Yoldaş, Some Soliton Types on Riemannian Manifold, p.13-20

3.B. Chaluvaraju, S. A. Diwakar, Sunilkumar M. Hosamani, Zagreb Domination In Graphs, p.21-31

4.Daniel A. Romano, Weak Finitely Bi-Conjugative Relations, p.32-35

5.Mahir Kadakal, Some New Inequalities for (α, m1, m2)-GG Convex Functions Via Gamma and Incomplete Gamma Functions, p.36-47

6.Alexandru Ciobanu, Marius Mirea, New Inequalities on Isotropic Spacelike Submanifolds in Pseudo-Riemannian Space Forms, p.48-52


Issue 1 - Special Issue "Morrey Type Spaces and Areas of Application" (Guest Editor: Ferit Gürbüz)

1.Ferit Gürbüz, About Rough Commutators with Variable Kernel of Fractional Type on Vanishing Generalized Weighted Morrey Spaces, p.1-9

2.Yoshihiro Sawano, Denny Ivanal Hakim, Complex Interpolation and Commutators Acting on Morrey Spaces, p.10-24

3.Ahmed Loulit, Atomic and Molecular Decompositions of Weighted Triebel-Lizorkin-Type Spaces, p.25-53

4.Takeshi Iida, Weighted Norm Inequalities on Orlicz-Morrey Spaces for the Multilinear Fractional Integral and Orlicz-Fractional Maximal Operator, p.54-78

5.Ferit Gürbüz, Norm Inequalities on Morrey Spaces For the Oscillation and Variation Operators, p.79-91

6.Ferit Gürbüz, Carleson Embedding from Weighted Dirichlet Type Spaces to Tent Type Spaces, p.92-96


Vol. 10 (2020) 

Issue 2

1.Hande Tunçel Gölpek, Aysun Aytaç, Strong and Weak Total Dominations in Various Corona Graphs and Characterization, p.1-8

2.George A. Anastassiou, Mixed Caputo ψ-Fractional Ostrowski Type Inequalities, p.9-18

3.Rabia Savas, On Double Almost Lacunary Summable Sequences of Order Θ Defined Via Orlicz Function, p.19-24

4.Andreea Olteanu, An Inequality for Contact CR-Submanifolds in Cosymplectic Space Forms, p.25-31

5.A. Anguraj, K. Ramkumar, E. M. Elsayed, K. Ravikumar, Controllability of Neutral Impulsive Stochastic Integrodifferential Equations Driven by A Fractional Brownian Motion with Unbounded Delay, p.32-42

6.S. Uygun, Properties of Binomial Transforms k-Jacobsthal Lucas Sequence, p.43-54


Issue 1

1.Mansouria Saidani, Benharrat Belaidi, On The Hyper-Order of Solutions of Some Higher Order Linear Differential Equations With Entire Coefficients, p.1-17

2.Zeliha Kartal, Aysun Aytac, Determination the Importance of Vertices in Graph, p.18-26

3.Yan Lin, Yong Ren, Multilinear Singular Integral Operators and Their Commutators on Generalized Local Morrey Type Spaces, p.27-52

4.Ozge Colakoglu Havare, Mostar Index (Mo) and Edge Mo Index For Some Cycle Related Graphs, p.53-66

5.B.L. Srivastava, M.A. Pathan and Hemant Kumar, An Abelian Group of a Class of Mittag - Leffler Functions, p.67-72

6.Fatemeh Esmaeili Khalil Saraei, A Generalization of the Total Graph of Semimodules Over Commutative Semirings, p.73-81


Vol. 9 (2019) 

Issue 2

1.Sadek Bouroubi, Fella Charchali and Nesrine Benyahia Tani, Set Partitions: Solution for Sharing Secret Keys, p.78-86

2.Aysun Aytac, Mukaddes Okten Turaci, On Exponential Edge Domination Number of a Graph, p.87-92

3.George A. Anastassiou, Complex Opial Type Inequalities, p.93-97

4.Shyam Sundar Santra, Necessary and Sufficient Condition for Oscillation and Asymptotic Behaviour of Nonlinear Neutral First-Order Differential Equations, p.98-107

5.Daniel A. Romano, G-Semirings with Apartness, p.108-120

6.Cihan Ates, Alev Firat, Quotient Pseudo d-Algebras, p.113-120


Issue 1

1.Hocine Gabsi, Abdelouaheb Ardjouni and Ahcene Djoudi, Existence of Positive Periodic Solutions of a Class of Delay Differential Systems , p.1-14

2.Sofiane Bourada, Bekkai Messirdi and Lekhmissi Belaib, On a Coherent Multiplication of Distributions, p.15-23

3.Sule Ayar Ozbal, Alev Firat, Derivations on Pseudo-Q-Algebras, p.24-30

4.Avijit Sarkar And Amit Sil, Certain Curves on a-Para Kenmotsu Manifolds, p.31-38

5.Fatma Karakus, Yusuf Yayli, The Fermi-Walker Derivative in Three Dimensional Lie Groups With Left-Invariant Metric, p.39-55

6.Mircea Cimpoeas, A Zeta-Barnes Function Associated to Graded Modules, p.56-65

7.Djahel Bouchra, Lamiche Chaabane, An Enhanced Genetic Algorithm for the Single Machine Total Weighted Tardiness Problem, p.66-77


Vol. 8 (2018) 

Issue 2

1.George A. Anastassiou, Iterated Fractional Approximation By Max-Product Operators, p.58-82

2.Noureddine Bouteraa, Slimane Benaicha, Nonlinear Boundary Value Problems For Higher-Order Ordinary Differential Equation At Resonance, p.83-91

3.Vecdi Aytac , Tufan Turaci, On The Exponential Bondage Number Of A Graph, p.92-101

4.Erdal Unluyol, Elif Baskoy, Operator H-Preinvex Class For Continuous Functions Of Selfadjoint Operators, p.102-109

5.Ismet Karaca, Ismet Cinar, The Cohomology Structure Of Digital Khalimsky Spaces, p.110-128

6.Tanmay Biswas, Sum And Product Theorems Of Relative Order And Relative Lower Order Of Entire Functions Of Several Complex Variables, p.129-139


Issue 1

1.Sharief Deshmukh, Bang-Yen Chen, Nasser Bin Turki, A Differential Equations For Frenet Curves In Euclidean 3-Space And Its Applications, p.1-6

2.F.Hathout, Y.Yayli, Darboux Vectors And The Spherical Indicatrix Curves Satisfying The Tzitz Eica Condition In Minkowski Space, p.7-16

3.Noureddine Bouteraa, Slimane Benaicha, Habib Djourdem, Mohamed Elarbi Benattia, Positive Solutions Of Nonlinear Fourth-Order Two-Point Boundary Value Problem With A Parameter, p.17-30

4.Canan Ciftci, Pinar Dundar, Local Connective Chromatic Number Of Cartesian Product Of Some Graphs, p.31-37

5.Mouffak Benchohra, Fatima Bouazzaoui, Controllability Of Functional Differential Equations With State-Dependent Delay And Random Effects, p.38-51

6.Rao Li, Bounding The Graphical Parameters By The Independent And K - Domination Numbers, p.52-57


Vol. 7 (2017) 

Issue 2

1. Emel Asici, Some Remarks On F-Partial Order And Properties, p.72-79

2. Shyam Sundar Santra, Necessary And Sufficient Conditions For Oscillation Of Solutions Of Nonlinear Second Order Differential Equations, p.80-85

3. Salah A. Khafagy, On Positive Weak Solutions For A Class Of Weighted (P,Q)-Laplacian Nonlinear System, p.86-92

4. Ali Hassanzadeh, Ildar Sadeqi, Some Result On Extreme Points In Ordered Topological Cones, p.93-98

5. George A. Anastassiou, Korovkin Theory For Banach Space Valued Functions, p.99-109

6. N. Macit , M.Akbiyik, S. Yuce, Some New Associated Curves of an Admissible Frenet Curve in 3-Dimensional and 4-Dimensional Galilean Spaces, p.110-122


Issue 1

1. S.Selvarangam, M.Madhan, E.Thandapani, Oscillation Theorems For Second Order Nonlinear Neutral Type Difference Equations With Positive And Negative Coefficients, p.1-10

2. Lila Raiah, Nadia Oukid, An M/M/2 Retrial Queue With Breakdowns And Repairs, p.11-20

3. Mohammed Ali Ahmed, J. Baskar Babujee, Totally Antimagic Total Labeling Of Complete Bipartite Graphs, p.21-28

4. C. Selvaraj, K. R. Karthikeyan, S. Lakshmi, Coefficient Estimates Of New Classes Of q−Starlike And q−Convex Functions Of Complex Order With Respect To (j,k)−Symmetric Points, p.29-40

5. Aysun Aytac, Zeliha Kartal, Complement Graphs And Total Influence Number, p.41-55

6. Mabrouk Sghaier, Mohamed Zaatra, A Special Family Of Symmetric Semi-Classical Forms Of Class Three, p.56-71


Vol. 6 (2016) 

Issue 2

1. Mircea Cimpoeas, On The Stanley Depth Of The Path Ideal Of A Cycle Graph, p.116-120

2. Elahe Sharifi, Nader Jafari Rad, Distance Roman Domination In Random Graphs, p.121-125

3. Amjad Alipanah, Multiquadric Radial Basis Function Method For The Solution Of Brachistochrone Problem, p.126-133

4. Daniel A. Romano, Finitely Bi-Conjugative Relations, p.134-138


Issue 1

1. Cherif Mihoubi, Patrick Sole, A New Class Of Isodual Cyclic Codes Of Rate 1/2 Over Fp, p.1-5

2. D. Krishnaswamy, J. Jayaraj And T. Anitha, Interval-Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Bi-Ideals In Ternary Semirings, p.6-15

3. Sergiy Kozerenko, Markov Graphs Of One-Dimensional Dynamical Systems And Their Discrete Analogues, p.16-24

4. Sever Angel Popescu, Algebraic Equations With Linear Shift Operators On Sequences, p.25-38

5. Sukran Konca, Ekrem Savas, Selman Ekin, Double Weighted Lacunary Almost Statistical Convergence Of Order a, p.39-46

6. S. Stalin Kumar, G. Marimuthu, A Mathematical Modeling Of Campus Information System, p.47-60

7. Gabriel Macsim, Improved Chen’s Inequalities For Lagrangian Submanifolds In Quaternionic Space Forms, p.61-84

8. Ghiocel Groza, Affinoid Subdomains As Completions Of Affine Subdomains, p.85-92

9. Hashem Saberi Najafi, Elyas Arsanjani Toroqi, Arash Jafarzadeh Divishali, A New Fractional Model Of Single Degree Of Freedom System, By Using Generalized Differential Transform Method, p.93-105

10. Serife Muge Ege, Emine Misirli, Traveling Wave Solutions Of Some Fractional Differential Equations, p.106-115


Vol. 5 (2015) 

Issue 2

1. Guangjun Zhu, Depth And Stanley Depth of The Edge Ideals of Some m-Line Graphs And m-Cyclic Graphs With A Common Vertex, p118-129

2. Ali Akbar and A. Sarkar, Some Results On A Generalized Sasakian-Space-Form Admitting Trans-Sasakian Structure With Respect To A Generalized Tanaka Webster Okumura Connection, p.130-137

3. M.H. Bijan-Zadeh and S. Ghaderi, Finiteness Properties of Formal Local Homology Modules, p.138-144

4. Hedi Elmonser, q-Analogue of The Alzer’s Inequality, p.145-150

5. Lucian Nita, Fractal Vector Measures In The Case of An Uncountable Iterated Function System, p.151-163

6. Yadollah Ordokhani, Haniye Dehestani, Application of The Bessel-Hybrid Functions For The Linear Fredholm-Volterra Integro-Differential Equations, p.164-177

7. A. K. Tripathy, R. R. Mohanta, Oscillation Properties of A Class of Second Order Neutral Differential Equations With Piecewise Constant Arguments, p.178-190

8. Rao Li, On The Upper Bound of The Energy of a Connected Graph, p.191-194

9. Gauree Shanker and Deepti Choudhary, On the L-Duality of a Finsler Space With (α,β)-Metric , p.195-201

10. Faouzi Haddouchi and Slimane Benaicha, Positive Solutions of a Nonlinear Three-Point Eigenvalue Problem With Integral Boundary Conditions, p.202-213


Issue 1

1. Elke Wolf, Power Bounded Composition Operators in Several Variables, p.1-12

2. Ajit Barman and U.C.De, Semi-Symmetric Non-Metric Connections on Kenmotsu Manifolds, p.13-24

3. Sever Angel Popescu, On a Laguerre’s Theorem, p.25-34

4. Birsen Sagir and Nihan Gungor, Continuity of Superposition Operators on Double Sequences Spaces of Maddox Cr0(p), p.35-45

5. Benharrat Belaidi, Differential Polynomials Generated by Meromorphic Solutions of [P,Q] Order to Complex Linear Differential Equations, p.46-62

6. Fatemeh Dehghani-Zadeh, Cofiniteness and Artinianness of Generalized Local Cohomology Modules, p.63-69

7. Mircea Cimpoeas, On The Stanley Depth Of Edge Ideals of Line and Cyclic Graphs, p.70-75

8. Ileana Bucur, On a Generalized Gauss Convergence Criterion, p.76-83

9. Amel Benaissa and Mouffak Benchohra, Functional Differential Equations With State-Dependent Delay and Random Effects, p.84-94

10. Harjit Singh, Modeling of Thermoelastic Waves in Rotating Cylindrical Panel By Using Matrix Frobenius Method, p.95-117


Vol. 4 (2014) 

Issue 2

1. Leonard Daus, Mohamed A. Salim, From regular modules to von Neumann regular rings via coordinatization, p.125-130

2. Ryul Kim, Ok-Hyon Song, Hyon-Chol Ri, Some properties of generalized self-reciprocal polynomials over fnite felds, p.131-138

3. J. Amjadi, Rainbow game domination subdivision number of a graph, p. 139-150

4. F. Esmaeili Khalil Saraei, H. Heydarinejad Astaneh, R. Navidinia, The total graph of a module with respect to multiplicative-prime subsets, p. 151-166

5. Pavel Matei, On the Frechet differentiability of Luxemburg norm in the sequence spaces l(pn) with variable exponents, p.167-179

6. A.P. Santhakumaran, P. Titus and K. Ganesamoorthy, Edge-to-vertex detour monophonic number of a graph, p.180-188

7. Oguz Ogur, Cenap Duyar, On New Cesaro-Orlicz Double Difference Sequence Space, p.189-196

8. Rao Li, Spectral Results on Some Hamiltonian Properties of Graphs, p.197-202

9. Daniel Abraham Romano, Bi-Conjugative Relations, p.203-208

10. Maria Mihailova, Ion Mierlus-Mazilu, Emiliya Velikova, Transition From 2d To 3d With Geogebra, p.209-222


Issue 1

1. Gavriil Paltineanu, Some Applications Of Bernoulli's Inequality In The Approximation Theory, p.1-11

2. Toufik Guendouzi, Khadem Mehdi, Almost Periodic Mild Solutions For Stochastic Delay Functional Differential Equations Driven By A Fractional Brownian Motion, p.12-26

3. Daniel Ciuiu, Romică Trandafir, Radu Drobot, Parameter Estimation Of The Marginal Cumulative Distribution Functions And Of The Copula Applied In Hydrology, p.27-43

4. Karim Moslehi, Mohammad R. Ahmadi, On Vanishing of Generalized Local Homology Modules and its Duality, p.44-49

5. Daniel Tudor, On a Reduced Crossed Product of a Group by a C*-Algebra. The Cases of Continuous Trace and Type I Reduced Crossed Product, p.50-59

6. Mouffak Benchohra, Jamal E. Lazreg, Existence and Uniqueness Results for Nonlinear Implicit Fractional Differential Equations with Boundary Conditions, p.60-72

7. Mircea Cimpoeas, Regularity of quasi-symbolic and bracket powers of Borel type ideals, p.73-80

8. Muhittin Evren Aydin, Mahmut Ergüt, Non-Null Curves Of Tzitzeica Type In Minkowski 3-Space, p.81-90

9. Sever Angel Popescu, Linear Differential Equations Over Arbitrary Algebraically Closed Fields, p.91-100

10. Devendra Kumar, Shiv Kumar, Frame Wavelet Sets and Wavelets in Banach Spaces, p.101-110

11. Andreea Olteanu, Doubly Warped Products in S-Space Forms, p.111-124


Vol. 3 (2013) 

Issue 2

1. Pavel Matei, Nemytskij Operators in Lebesgue Spaces With a Variable Exponent, p.109-118

2. Chandrashekar Adiga, A. Vanitha, Nasser Abdo Saeed Bulkhali, Modular relations for the Rogers-Ramanujan-Slater type functions of order fifteen and its applications to partitions, p.119-139

3. Ali Akbar Arefijamaal, Stability of alternate dual frames, p.140-145

4. O. Favaron, S.M. Sheikholeslami, On the signed total domatic numbers of directed graphs, p.146-154

5. Horst Brunotte, Discrete Convolution Rings, p.155-159

6. Song-Chol Han, Hak-Rim Ri, The only regular inclines are distributive lattices, p.160-163

7. Rodica-Mihaela Dăneţ, Marian-Valentin Popescu, Nicoleta Popescu, Coincidence Results With Compactness Assumptions For Families Of Correspondences Containing Upper Semi-Continuous Multimaps, And Their Applications, p.164-184

8. Reza Sazeedeh, Rasul Rasuli, Some Results In Local Cohomology And Serre Subcategory, p.185-190

9. Abdelfatah Bouziani, Ahcene Merad, The Laplace Transform Method For One-Dimensional Hyperbolic Equation With Purely Integral Conditions, p.191-204

10. Alin Ştefan, The Type Of The Base Ring Associated To A Product Of Transversal Polymatroids, p.205-220


Issue 1

1. Mircea Cimpoeaş; Vertex cover algebras of simplicial multicomplexes, p.1-4

2. Behnam Talaee; Small subhypermodules and their applications, p.5-14

3. C. Parthasarathy, M. Mallika Arjunan; Controllability Results For First Order Impulsive Stochastic Functional Differential Systems with State-Dependent Delay , p.15-40

4. A. Abouelaz, R. Daher, M. El Hamma; Fourier transform of Dini-Lipschitz functions in the space L2(Rn) , p.41-47

5. Özcan Bektaş, Salim Yuce, Special Smarandache Curves According to Darboux Frame in E3, p.48-59

6. Marjan Kuchaki Rafsanjani, Mahmoud Eshraghi Samani, Resist SRP Against Wormhole Attack, p.60-70

7. S. Ebrahimi Atani, Z. Ebrahimi Sarvandi, M. Shajari Kohan, On d-Primary Ideals of Commutative Semirings, p.71-81

8. Bijan Davvaz, Bayram Ali Ersoy, A study on fuzzy (prime) hyperideals of G-hypersemirings, p.82-95

9. B. N. Prasad, H. S. Shukla, O. P. Pandey, The Exponential Change of Finsler Metric and Relation between Imbedding Class Numbers of their Tangent Riemannian Spaces, p.96-108


Vol. 2 (2012) 

Issue 2

1. P. K. Das; Codes Detecting and Locating Solid Burst Errors, p.1-10

2. Sever Achimescu; The congruence number problem over real quadratic fields, p.11-16

3. M. El Hamma, R. Daher; Generalization of Titchmarsh's Theorem for the Bessel transform, p.17-22

4. D.Bhattacharjee, P.K.Saikia; On Some New Class of Arithmetic Convolutions Involving Arbitrary Sets of Integers, p.23-35

5. Changil Choe, Hyejong Hong, Kukhwan Kim; Verification of N-M Switching Control System: A Case Study in Temporal Logic Model Checking, p.36-43

6. Ghiocel Groza, Azeem Haider, S. M. Ali Khan; The Structure of a Ring of Formal Series, p.44-60

7. Cholhui Yun; Box-counting Dimension of a Kind of Fractal Interpolation Surface on Rectangular Grids, 61-69

8. Pavel Matei; A nonlinear eigenvalue problem for the generalized Laplacian on Sobolev spaces with variable exponent, p.70-82


Issue 1

1. M. Razzaghi, Y. Ordokhani, N. Haddadi; Direct method for variational problems by hybrid of block-pulse and Bernoulli polynomials, p.1-17

2. Cristian Costinescu; About the equivariant K –theory, p.18-27

3. Mircea Cimpoeaş; Several inequalities regarding Stanley depth, p.28-40

4. A. Guezane-Lakoud, R. Khaldi; Positive solution to a higher order fractional boundary value problem with fractional integral condition, p.41-54

5. A.N. Marcoci, L.G. Marcoci; Schur factorizations for some classes of infinite matrices, p.55-61

6. Mohammad H. Bijan-Zadeh, Karim Moslehi; A generalization of local homology functors, p.62-72

7. Nidhi Suri, B.S. Komal; Bounded Integro Composition Operators on Orlicz Spaces, p.73-80


Vol. 1 (2011) 

Issue 1

1. Ghiocel Groza, S. M. Ali Khan; Additive Integral Functions in Valued Fields, p.1-6

2. Angel Popescu; Polynomial Orthogonal Bases for a Class of Closed Rings, p.7-11

3. R .Selvamani, P. Ponnusamy; Mathematical Modeling of Waves in a Homogeneous Isotropic Rotating Cylindrical Panel, p.12-28

4. G.D. Mateescu; On the influence of rounding errors in the C++ implementation of simple iteration algorithm, p.29-36

5. D. Ciuiu; Homogeneity Tests for L´evy Processes and Applications, p.37-50